Review Rules

The assessment experts will uphold the principle of fairness and impartiality when reviewing; the Organizing Committee will supervise the review process. The assessment will be conducted based on the information provided in the submission, and for the final round assessment will be done based on live defense. The specific review rules are summarized as follows.

Basic parameters – 30 points
1. Functionality (10 points)
2. Reliability (10 points)
3. Smooth running (10 points)
Creativity and uniqueness – 40 points
1. Design concept (10 points)
2. Interface design (10 points)
3. Interactive design (10 points)
4. Theme and others (10 points)
Prospect Assessment – 20 points
1. Significance: desired by user (10 points)
2. Value: Popularity among the market (10 points)
Completeness and Quality – 20 points
1. Data completeness (10 points)
2. Data quality (10 points)

*Notes: If the major achievements of any entry are not completed during the contest, points will be deducted as appropriate.


  • First prize:  Apple Product and Cash Rewards
  • Second prize:  Apple Product and Cash Rewards
  • Third prize:  Apple Product and Cash Rewards
  • Most innovative App:  Apple Product
  • Best UI Interface App:  Apple Product

First prize, second prize and third prize winners can participate in the China Student Summer Camp and Mobile Application Innovation Contest held by Zhejiang University.