Contest Requirement

The entries of the contest must be original Apps of certain functionality, based on the iOS system design and development, and with Apple’s product portfolio and development tools as the basis. Teams are encouraged to download and use the Swift language for development. The theme of the works should be closely related to the contest-recommended fields of application and other hot issues of concern to the community, including but not limited to health care, environmental protection, flood control and disaster relief, education, aging problems, safety and large data applications. Participants may choose a theme of their own, freely collect and obtain relevant data, provide solutions and actually implement them on mobile devices. Participant teams must send their proposal to the official email [email protected].

When submitting proposal, each team should submit the relevant information of their app idea, which may include, but are not limited to App introductions, App renderings, posters, etc. in the format of jpg. Before the registration deadline, the participating teams may at any time modify, improve and update their submitted registration information.

On or before 5th July, the participating teams should provide the full package of information of their project, which should include the proposal briefing file, SOURCE CODE, APP promotional materials, and APP operation video files. After submitting the initial proposal, the teams may improve their works, but can not change the theme of their works, and should provide their final works in accordance with the requirements. The last version of entries submitted before the submission deadline are considered the final works. Apple will provide necessary device and technical support to the teams that have entered the final round when they are getting prepared for their presentations (the final-round entries are subject to live demonstrations).