The team members should be registered students studying in a higher education institution. Teams should fill in the registration form on the website. Further requirements include:

  • The works submitted by the participants should be originally created by themselves. The Organizing Committee has the right to request a statement of originality and, if any fraud is found committed by a participant, has the right to cancel the corresponding awards and prizes given to the participant. The consequences are to be borne by the participating members.
  • Each team should consist of up to 3 members. Replacement of members is basically allowed only once, which must be requested in writing to the organising committee prior to the deadline of application and can be actually implemented only if getting approved by the director.
  • Each team must have one or two coaches who must be a formal teacher of the university or college where the team comes from. A coach can act as the representative of multiple teams, responsible for guidance and communications of each team throughout the contest. The coach must ensure that all the team members meet the requirements of this Rules.